Welcome To Chula Vista Yoga Center:

At the Chula Vista Yoga Center we practice Vinyasa Flow.

Kristyan Stjerne founded the studio 10 years ago. Our instructors honor and respect the history and beliefs of our studio founder. We practice in a safe and comfortable atmosphere, always welcoming new students to start their journey into the yoga life, while also honoring our long-time students that have been with us since the beginning.

Liberation these day has to do so much with having a healthy body and freedom from suffering. More people are turning to Yoga to alleviate pain than for any other reason. Yoga teaches us that in order to relive our physical pain, we must also free our minds from suffering and open our hearts. On a physical level, Yoga postures relieve the backaches, headaches, and strained ligaments a student may suffer. Yoga has poses to correct postural defects and bring flexibility and alignment to the spine to bring vital dormant energy back into your body. On a deeper level, yoga also balances the nervous system, calming the nerves and relieving the psychological pain of depression, anxiety, and grief. Once the physical body is healthy,and the mind is calm, clear, and free of mental stress the yogi then realizes his or her own divinity, and that realization releases him or her from suffering…