All levels Vinyasa Flow

Our classes are for all levels. Our instructors are committed to making everyone feel comfortable in every class. Whether you are a new student or a long time yoga practitioner, there are variations for everyone. The most important thing when you practice is to listen to your body, and do what feels right for you.

Our practice area is very special. We meditate, relax and enjoy the quietness. We understand that for some of our students this is the only time to enjoy relaxation. Bring as little as possible into the practice area. Phones and keys sometime distract our students from their practice. We will keep you car keys at the front desk, if you desire, or “cubbies” located in both restrooms are available.


All our classes are 90 minutes except

8am during the weekend classes are 60 minutes

7am Classes are 75 minutes

3:30 Classes are 60 minutes


Restorative Classes

Restorative Yoga is a soothing practice that aims to restore the body and mind to a rested relaxed state.  Each Yoga pose is supported by props (blankets, pillows, blocks ) and are held for several minutes.