Ashley Disharoon

Ashley was introduced to yoga a few years ago in her hometown of Chula Vista. For her ongoing training, guidance, life support, saving of soul and true friendship, she gives eternal thanks and unconditional love to her family and her teachers: Kristyan Stjerne, Jano Galindo, and Mark Jansen.  Ashley’s intention in teaching is to use a style of movement synchronized with breath that allows students to trust and progress in their body so they may feel the same progression and growth in Life off the mat. Her style, gentle voice and beaming energy leave students with an awareness of Heart and Intuition they can pull from in any situation.

Saira Estrada


Saira Estrada began her yoga practice here at the Chula Vista yoga center at the beginning of 2011 and obtained her RYT-200 that summer. In search of a new perspective in life and self-love, she challenged herself to 30 days of yoga. She acknowledges that the shift of energy,mind, body, soul, and the feeling of fulfillment that she felt after every class saved her life. Inspired by her teachers and the very space her practice evolved in, yoga became something she wanted to keep in her life forever. As a Yogi, she is thankful for her practice and it’s ever-evolving nature, which parallels with her personal lifestyle. Saira hopes to inspire her students and peers to find a practice that works for them and fills them with happiness. She is also an advocate for other healthy lifestyles such as sports, yoga, cross fit, and a supporter of the art, music, culinary, and film scene. Her favorite style of practice is Vinyasa Yoga because it is a form of freedom of expression, like an improvisational dance which is in a constant flux. Saira’s aspiration in life is to continue to grow within herself, as a student and teacher in yoga and to continue to apply the practice to her everyday life…Always remembering to just…breathe.


Johnny Fay


“We are enabled to realize the roots of our nature by practicing Ancient Arts such as Yoga, Meditation, Music, Surfing and other intrinsically creative and community building activities. Yoga, as a Radical Practice, inspires me to develop a relationship within the deep origin of my nature, thus
giving me the internal freedom to explore the non-traditional, and often, extremely interesting
aspects of life and the world that connects us. The more I practiceYoga, the more I realize that the qualities that make Yoga unique are also universal qualities that can inspire unity and uplift our
community, namely: Freedom, Creativity, and Unconditional Love. I aim to provide a space that nurtures development, promotes Unconditional Love, and most importantly, eliminates judgements so that practitioners can freely and openly explore their Truth through Yoga. I humbly invite everyone to join me, inspire me, and help us all shine forth.” Johnny Fay

Jano Galindo E-RYT







A student of yoga since 2001, Jano’s study of hatha yoga, meditation, yoga philosophy and pranayama led him to become a Bikram certified teacher since 2003. Jano has been based and teaches extensively throughout the San Diego area. He has also traveled, studied and taught in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orange County and New York. Jano comes from a strong spiritual upbringing and it is translated in his teaching.  He owes oceans of gratitude to his best friend and first yoga teacher Kristyan Stjerne, Master teachers Bikram and Rajashree Choudhury, Sri Dharma Mittra and Vinnie Marino for his vinyasa flow and musical style. Most of all Jano would not be where he is without the love and support of his beautiful wife Lorraine and his son Azlan.

“By profound meditation, the knower, the knowledge and the known become one.  The seer, the sight and the seen have no separate existence from each other.  Then, the yogi stands in his own nature and realizes his self, the part of the supreme soul within himself.”


Mike Flynn

Mike is a lover of life! Having said that, he instills that enthusiasm into everyone he meets and teaches. His classes are Vinyasa-based which are meant to heal, strengthen, and love. He has no set pattern, so every class is an adventure. He cannot thank Kristyan Stjerne, Jano Galindo, and Mark Jansen enough, for their confidence in him and all of their teachings. He is forever grateful to his parents Mike and Jane for their unconditional love and teachings.


Susie Prestidge

Susie Prestidge RN, RYT-200 certified in Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga. Teaching yoga came about out of her love of health and healing and her motivation to help others achieve their full potential.  Her approach toward yoga is simple; when we begin to move our bodies and become consciously aware of our breath, amazing benefits begin to surface.  She is grateful to have had the opportunity to study under many gifted teachers including, Jano Galindo, Shiva Rea, Byran Kest and Eric Schiffman.  Off the mat, Susie is a Registered Labor and Delivery Nurse and has an Energy Healing Practice here in Chula Vista.  Her focus is on providing guidance for conscious living in our increasingly busy world.  ~ “Yoga is a journey, there is no destination, only exploration”.

Devon Rosales

Devon was first introduced to Yoga in the summer of 2010, the year he graduated from High School, at the local gym here in Chula Vista. Wanting to take his practice deeper,
one of his best friends took him down the street to Chula Vista Yoga Center and he fell in love. In the summer of 2012, he attended a Yogaworks teacher training on the Big Island of Hawaii. Since then, he has formed more of a circular vinyasa practice that helps get out of the linear body, incorporating chants and breathing techniques that are uplifting and fun! He gives big thanks to Alicia Cheung and Oliver Reinsch for the proper tools he needed to do what he loves most. Giving much appreciation to Kristyan Stjerne for
giving him the knowledge he needed to pursue his life dream.

Vivian Quiroz

Gerhard and Sara from Prana Yoga Center in La Jolla, CA rotate and come to our studio every Tuesday 7pm Classes. If you have never taken their classes, now you have the opportunity to enjoy a very special practice, at our studio. 

Sara Deakin, E-RYT 

After studying and practicing yoga since 1998, Sara began sharing the gift of yoga through teaching after receiving her 200hr teaching certification from the White Lotus Foundation in 2005. She has been blessed to study under many renowned teachers including Ganga White, Tracey Rich, Gerhard Gessner, and John Friend. This Stylistically diverse group of teachers has allowed Sara to find her own heart-centered approach to teaching. Her alignment based Vinyasa Flow classes emphasize the synergistic effects of connecting the body and breath.


Gerhard Gesner, E-RYT 

Gerhard is founder and director of Prana Yoga Center, one of San Diego leading Vinyasa Yoga studios. He has been a dedicated student of Yoga & teacher for nearly three decades and is trained in a variety of styles of Yoga. His non-dogmatic and unique Vinyasa style combines these different influences and is tailored to the needs of his students. Gerhard’s trademark “All Level Vinyasa Flow” class is challenging and upbeat, yet deeply nurturing and filled with humor. In 2004 sharing his passion for Yoga and teaching Gerhard created a Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Program.





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